Are plasma pens safe?As you become older, you’ll lose around 1% of your collagen per year for the following 20 years. Protein elastin, which allows the skin to stretch and “come back,” begins to vanish. Apart from the loss of collagen fibers, the environment and lifestyle have a role in the signs of aging, generating deeper structural problems such as smile lines and grains, and surface concerns such as uneven accents and textures. Our patients who are interested in grain healing, skin tightening, or skincare products use plasma pans. This non-invasive, non-surgical treatment is a great option for anyone suffering from age-related issues. If you want to know about plasma pens in detail visit

Plasma pen skin augmentation is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that involves extending the skin with charged plasma. By releasing two new proteins, collagen, and a moderate shock signal, the plasma pen stimulates elastic formation, improves skin elasticity and stability, and strengthens and renews the skin. Heat is transported beneath the skin when the device’s metal tip makes contact with the plasma’s edge. Fibroblasts in the tissues develop new collagen and elastin fibers as the wound heals, improving skin texture for a more artistic appearance. A great healing reaction happens when plasma pans are used on the skin and deep tissues, resulting in soft, black, flaky skin.

Plasma pans can be used to treat wrinkles, scars, and oily hyperplasia, among other things. As collagen regeneration progresses, patients often see a prolonged time of improvement in their skin over the next three to six months.

Is it painful?

The fibroblast treatment is immunosuppressive. Prior to the procedure, our doctor will provide a local anesthetic to guarantee your comfort. Pain varies in intensity from person to person, and certain body parts are more sensitive than others. In some cases, an injectable anesthetic is necessary.

How long does the treatment last?

Patients may have to wait 20-40 minutes for treatment, depending on the region or type of therapy. Allow the cream to remain for at least 60 minutes before adding the oil. The patient can rest in our last treatment room till the headache subsides.

When do I see the results?

Patients believe that the benefits are more immediate and last longer. The skin contracts fast when energy is supplied, creating a visible compression imprint. Patients might recover in 3-6 months after therapy because collagen is progressively repaired.

How long will the result last?

One treatment generally produces long-term results! Depending on the aging rate, the outcome should be altered after 18-24 months. The patient may require 1-6 sessions if we’re treating skin disorders.

Is it safe?

When compared to more intrusive cosmetic treatments, a plasma pen is a safe therapeutic option. It includes FDA-approved pens, as well as increased effects and unique technology for skin-specific energy consumption in short-term treatments.

A plasma pen is non-invasive plasma equipment for lifting, compressing, rejuvenating, refreshing, and renewing. The plasma pen is the softest “Fiber Blast” as well as the best, safest, and least authorized AC nitrogen plasma instrument. Plasma treatment incorporates several innovations and enhancements, all of which result in the best and most natural appearance, as well as longer-lasting benefits, shorter shelf life, and faster recovery.

Plasma vessels can also be employed to eliminate minor skin defects. The plasma pen is placed on the skin and is not touched during the procedure. The pen generates plasma energy that penetrates the outer layer of the skin, exposing the skin and skin. As a consequence, the procedure of carpet and skin etiquette is risk-free.

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