Cinema HD is not a perfect streaming app. However, it can still offer its best when other apps are unavailable. Sometimes you might consider similar apps to meet compatibility requirements. We have compiled a list of the top 11 Cinema HD Alternatives to stream HD videos on any device.

Best Cinema HD Alternatives 2022

Cinema HD is still the best-selling app on the internet or in the app stores. Here, we’ll be discussing the best Cinema HD alternative in 2022. Let’s begin

1. Prime Video (For Android, iOS, Windows & All Types Of Devices)

Prime Video is the best streaming service if you are serious about finding a legal one. It’s difficult to use illegal apps these days due to copyright issues. We would love to see middle-class users pay a lower subscription fee. Millions of people don’t have the means to pay a lot to view entertainment content. Prime Video currently offers its services at affordable prices. You should try the free 1-month trial to see if you like it and then continue to watch. It is a great source of entertainment for all kinds of customers.


2. Showbox (For Android, Firestick, Win PC)

Showbox, the first-ever Android streaming app, its services are loved by many. This keyword has a huge search history on google. Additionally, its downloads exceed 100 Billion.

This is the perfect package for serial and movie lovers, who want to enjoy them all without any cost. This app is currently being closed by the law. There is no security. However, this app is still being used by many.


3. Mobdro (Only Android, Firestick)

It’s not the Cinema HD app. It’s a completely different streaming app. There are thousands of live TV channels that you can access on your mobile device or television. Mobdro, an IPTV that works long-term, is a great option for cutting the cord. It offers Shows, Movies, and Sports, as well as Podcasts, Channels. News, Music, and many other features.


4. TeaTV (Android only)

It is very similar to Cinema HD or Showbox and can be used on Android-based phones. BlueStacks allows you to run the app on your PC. Terrarium TV’s user interface and design are almost identical. TeaTV was created after the shutdown of Terrarium TV. It was a huge success and is now a standard app. This app is used when Cinema HD does not work suddenly.


5. Tubi TV (For Android, iPhone, Web)

This legal service provides support for all platforms, including Android, iOS, and Linux. You can have access to thousands of movies and TV shows on all platforms with one premium account.


6. Hulu

Another good alternative is it, which offers multiple entertainment content all in one place. It allows you to watch movies and shows as well as live TV. It covers everything from news to sports. You can select the monthly plan to enjoy its services.


7. FreeFlix TV

Freeflix TV was created for Smart TV. It debuted in 2017 as FreeflixHQ. It is one of the most popular APKs in entertainment. It is still trying to become popular like Showbox despite the intense competition.

You can download the app for various platforms, including Roku.


8. Viva TV

Dubber: “A perfect replacement for TVZion after it was closed”, the Viva TV App is steadily growing in popularity with its unique features. It has all the same features as Cinema HD and has attained a staggering 5M active installs over the past month.


9. ZiniTevi

The play store app was originally regarded as the best movie app on iOS devices. It can pull in real-time links to offer users HQ content. After a long delay, an Android version was released and it is now a multi-platform app. It can be installed on both TVs and mobile devices.

Smartphones: iPhone, iPad, Android.

Smart TV: Firestick and Android TV, Roku. Chromecast. Xbox, Mi Box. PS 3&4.

To install ZiniTevi, you don’t have to root your phone or jailbreak it.


10. BeeTV

BeeTV is the most popular Cinema HD alternative in 2020 due to its many similarities with Cinema HD. BeeTV’s friendly GUI is easy to use and can be installed on all Android versions, including the lower ones.

The app is versatile, so it can be used by both Android and iOS users. BeeTV is not like other APKs and doesn’t require you to subscribe. It’s free to use and completely safe. Just like with BeeTV you can also try because you can download & watch high-quality movies and download videos and Picasso offers the same type of features as BeeTV.


11. Nova TV APK

Nova TV might be familiar to Icelandic streaming users. Nova TV was originally limited to local channels in Iceland. Nova EHF has made global content available to everyone and really raised the bar.

There are two versions. The first is for Windows, Linux, and Mac. A second version is available for mobile apps (Android and iOS). It can technically be installed in Android TVs, Firesticks, Samsung Smart TVs, Roku, and Samsung Smart TVs. Officially, it is not.

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Safe to use apps

These apps are safe to use. All these apps have been tested with antivirus software. We also ran a few tests on the devices. These apps are safe if you only download them from trusted sources.

There is nothing to be concerned about if you do not find any apps on Play Store. Secure websites are recommended if you don’t find any apps from Play Store. Some malicious websites might have malware added files, which are unsafe to use.

We have provided both third-party and direct apps when it comes to legality. Their disclaimer app is very helpful. Showbox, TVZion, and Terrarium TV have been identified as illegal apps. Please double-check your use of any third-party apps.

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Last words!

These are just a few of the many similar apps. Keep checking this page for more apps. We hope you enjoyed this article. Please comment on your favorite app or suggest a newer app in our comment section.


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