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Although Lisa Marie Presley was most known as the daughter of Elvis Presley, she was also the mother of Benjamin Keough, Riley Keough, Finley Lockwood, and Harper Lockwood.


Lisa Presley: Parents

Presley, the daughter of Elvis & Priscilla Presley, was born on 1 February, 1968, 9 months prior to her parents’ wedding, at ‘Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis’ inTennessee. Lisa lived with her mom in Los Angeles following her parents’ divorce and frequently visited her father in Memphis.


Lisa Presley: Early Life

When Lisa was 4 years old, Elvis and Priscilla divorced. After Lisa Presley’s father passed away in August 1977, Presley, then nine, together with her grandfather Vernon Presley, 61, and Vernon’s mother Minnie Mae Presley, 87, nee Hood, were joint heirs to his inheritance. By way of Minnie Mae, Lisa Marie was a direct ancestor of the Virginian Harrisons. Lisa Presley became Elvis’ lone heir after the tragic deaths of her grandpa in 1979 & her great-grandmother in 1980.


Lisa Presley & Michael Lockwood’s Twin Daughters Finley Lockwood And Harper Lockwood

Harper and Finley Aaron Love Lockwood, twin daughters of Lisa Marie & her ex-husband, artist Michael Lockwood, were born in October 2008. Although having walked the red carpet for the first time at the 2017 ELLE ‘Women in Hollywood’ event, Finley and Harper almost live their entire lives out of the spotlight. While appearing on the TODAY show, Finley and Harper, two highly active girls, were attending ballet and opera classes.


Lisa Presley’s Eldest Daughter: Riley Keough

The oldest and first child of Lisa Marie’s marriage to singer Danny Keough is Riley Keough, 33. In her lifetime, Lisa Marie was also wed to actors Nicolas Cage, Michael Jackson, & artist Lockwood, with whom Lisa has twins. Riley is an excellent performer who played a singing lead in the series ‘Daisy Jones & the Six.’ Keough claimed that she was not brought up in the spotlight despite coming from a show industry family and following in their footsteps.


Lisa Presley’s Son: Benjamin Keough

Benjamin Presley Keough, Lisa Marie & Danny’s second child, was born on 21 October, 1992. Fans quickly noticed how much he looked like his grandfather, Elvis, as he grew up. But, Benjamin committed suicide in Calabasas, California, when he was 27 years old. Benjamin was laid to rest in Graceland, his grandfather’s house in Memphis, Tennessee, in October 2020. Since his great-grandmother passed away there in 1980, Benjamin Keough was the very first person to be laid to rest there.


Lisa Presley: Net Worth

According to an early 2018 USA Today report, Lisa Presley stated her fortune had been reduced to just 14,000 dollars as a result of her previous business manager acting selfishly. For the loss of almost all of her 100 million dollars bequest, Lisa Presley filed a lawsuit against her former business manager, accusing him of reckless and irresponsible mismanagement. Elvis’s net worth was merely just a handful of million dollars at the time of his passing, but because of public enthusiasm and the popularity of Graceland, the estate’s assets slowly increased.

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