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How to Buy the Best Toilet Paper Holder With Shelf

A toilet paper holder with shelf is a perfect replacement for the traditional toilet paper holder without shelf. The toilet paper holder is perfect for hanging toilet paper below and the shelf remains free to hold any stuff of reasonable weight and size. Most shelves are perfect for holding cell phones, wet wipes, and most small feminine stuff and so on. With this toilet paper holder, you will be able to keep your mobile phone away from the sink.

The benefits of this kind of toilet paper holder, and what it can hold is a topic for another day. Today, I want to show you how to purchase the best possible toilet paper holder with shelf.

Set a budget

Once you have made a decision to buy a toilet paper holder with shelf, the second thing to do is to set up a budget for the same. Decide on how much money you would want to spend on this little, but valuable project.

Do thorough research

After setting up a budget, to do a thorough research about the product. To find out what options are available in the market. Then find out the pros and cons of each available option and weigh them against each other for you to make an informed choice. Read reputable review sites and see what products they are recommending for homeowners.

Coming up with a short list of the best toilet paper holders with shelves based on your own research. The list should only include the products whose price tags do not exceed your budget. Compare and contrast the products in your list and determine which one of them best suits the needs of your bathroom and your personal needs.

Gold Unique Wall Mounted Brushed Brass Toilet Paper Holder

Read customer reviews

Before investing your money on a particular toilet paper holder, read customer reviews to find out what people are saying about it. Are they saying it is durable, or are they saying it breaks down in a couple of weeks? What are they saying about its ability to retain its color? And can it hold stuff such as a mobile phone safely without sliding and falling down?

If the comments about the toilet paper holder are positive, then it is a great bet. However, if most of the comments are negative, and everyone is complaining about one thing or the other about the product, then it simply means that you should keep searching.

Focus more on the products you have narrowed down to. In other words, limiting your research to the toilet paper holders in your short list of the best products. This will save your time and energy. It will also prevent any possible confusion that might be as a result of reading reviews of tens or products.

Place an order

Up to this point, you will be able to pick a toilet paper holder that you believe which is the best among all the ones you have reviewed. Go to a trusted online retail shop and place your order. You can also buy direct from the manufacturer.

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