It is a Japanese manga which is written by Otoh Saki and also then it is illustrated by Tomomi Nakamura and then was serialized in Square Enix’s from 2002 till October 2008. It also released a series of 4 vocal CDs for the switch.


It belongs to the adventure and thriller genre and also it is written by Otoh Saki and it is illustrated by Tomomi Nakakurmaand then published by Square Enix. Manga has 13 volumes. Manga originally runs from 2002 to October 2008. The original video animation is directed by Ohira Naoki and it is released by actas studio the original release is on 24th October 2008 to 25th February 2009 and it consists of 2 episodes.



It is the story of two investigators who were at the Narcotics control department of Japan. The two-person Kurabayashi Hai and Eto Koi are struggling with dealing drugs, mysterious organizations and murderous, psychopaths. He is foremost known for dealing with notorious drugs which are known as Ryuugen. He was very caring as a person to the group. Kai has a lot of problems of his own and he became cold-blooded under some circumstances.



Then it is announced in June 2008 and has animated adaption where manga series was produced. Then this first original animated video is directed by Oohira Naoki. The opening theme is the “Find Out” and also the ending theme is “Your Hand”. And both is performed by MIRANOSAND.

Character Songs

It released a series of four vocal CDs for the switch. The character song such as Kai Eto was first released for the first CD and then the second character song was released for the second CD that is Masataka and also the third character song was released for the third CD was Mamoru Kei Kajiyama Keigo and the wild beast which is released on 22nd December 2004.


He was born on 26th march 1987 in Pittsburgh, USA and then she was raised in Pittsburgh and also possess a wonderful childhood. And holds a multiracial ethnicity and she started her career when she was of the age 13 and also starred in MY Body Valentine which is best portrayed in the justified. The net worth of Giovanna Yannotti is $2 million in 2022.

Giovanna Yannotti Movies

She appeared in the 6 souls which are around 2010 also in an uncredited role. Then after that, she used to appear in the Justified TV series in 2010 and became famous for the role of a gang member. After that, she appeared in the End game which is telecasted around 2009 where she appeared as a customer for the restaurant and also she was seen appeared in sorority row around 2009 in an uncredited role.

Family Members

Then she was married to her boyfriend Kurt Angle after that she was engaged to her long-time boyfriend she has two step-children that are Kyra Angle and Kody Angle. Also, the couple has three children that are Giuliana Marie Angle, Sophia Laine Angle and Nikoletta Sky Angle.

Quick Facts

Giovanna Yannotti is also one of the famous actresses who is known for portraying roles such as Unstoppable, Death from above and also Hall of the frame. Her age is about 35 years. And also she is the second wife of Kurt Angle. She is of American nationality. Her birthday is of 26 years. She is also known for portraying roles such as Death from above, Hall of Fame and Unstoppable. Also, she possesses the nationality of Giovanna Yannotti as an American. She also met with Kurt on the set of the End game.


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