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Tom Sturridge Daughter: Everything you need to know.

Tom Sturridge Daughter: Everything you need to know.

Tom Sturridge Daughter: Everything you need to know.

A lot of us have watched different movies growing up and as a result of that, we have often found our cells admiring or developing crushes on several movie or television actors or actresses. Our generation of people mainly had the Twilight series or The Vampire Diaries series to become a fan of, when it came to International shows. If we talk about some Indian shows, particularly Hindi shows, then serials like Miley Jab Hum Tum and Dil Mil Gaye were some of the most popular serials among younger people. It is only fair that from watching the serials a lot of us ended up developing crushes on some of the actors who worked in those serials.


Some of the most popular actors in Bollywood are Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai, Akshay Kumar, Shahrukh Khan and many such people. While these are some of the people who dominate Bollywood or had been dominating Bollywood for the last decade or so, some of the actors and actresses who are extremely popular in the Hollywood film industry are Meryl Streep, Robert Downey Jr, Tom Holland, Chris Evans, Khari Barbie Maxwell and many more. There are also many actors who at one time dominated the film industry but now prefer to live a more settled, more low key life. Let us take a look at one such actor through this article.


Marlow Ottoline Layng Sturridge

Marlow Ottoline Layng Sturridge is the daughter of popular Hollywood actors, Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge.


Sienna Miller is one of the most popular names in the acting world of Hollywood. She has been around in the industry, working as an actor and a model for quite many years now.


Sierra Rose Diana Miller is a British actress and model and she has been working in the Hollywood film industry as an actress since the year 2000. Sierra Miller was born on 28 December 1981, in New York City. However, despite being born in the United States of America, she and her family shortly move to London which is where she was raised. She started her career in the fashion and entertainment industry from a very young age. She first started by appearing as a photography model for the famous Vogue magazine for it’s 2003 issue, and then she also appeared for the Pirelli calendar in the same here. Her debut in acting was in the year 2004 where she had her breakthrough roles in the movies Layer Cake and Alfie. In Layer Cake, Sierra Miller played the role of Tammy and she starred alongside Daniel Craig, who had the lead role. In Alfie, Sierra Miller played the role of Nikkie, and she starred alongside Jude Law, who played the lead character in this movie.


Sierra Miller has been popular for having a colourful dating life. During her time in Alfie, she and the movie’s lead star Jude Law started dating and their relationship became quite public. Their relationship came to an end after Jude Law admitted to infidelity. They reconciled later on, but broke up soon after. She had another relationship a couple of years later. During the years 2011-2015, Sierra Miller was engaged to actor Tom Sturridge. They had a daughter born on 7th July, 2012 and her name is Marlow Ottoline Layng Sturridge.

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