The necessity of an IT ticketing system is evident in the fast-forward world. The ticket is automatically sent to service desk staff if users use the help desk service portal to file a support request. Each service desk ticket, regardless of its nature, is a document that contains detailed information about the customer inquiry/end-user issue. Wolken Software has divided tickets into categories so that your service desk can effectively monitor, handle, and resolve them.

Current ticketing operations rely heavily on ticket categorization. Tickets must be classified clearly and consistently so that they receive the right level of attention from your support team and that the company’s most pressing issues are addressed first. IT ticketing systems help resolve tickets effectively and consistently and build a good knowledge base. The different types of tickets in the IT ticketing system are listed below:

  1. Service request tickets 

A service request ticket is generated and forwarded to the relevant resource for completion. The ticket fulfilment process, which works in tandem with the help desk, manages user requests. As part of satisfying the request, service requests may be linked to a request for change. Service requests are formal requests that are scheduled and presented in the service catalogue and typically follow a specified process to be completed. A service request ticket is generated and assigned to an IT support person, who will respond as soon as possible.

  1. Incident tickets

An incident might be a failure or an occurrence that causes a service to malfunction and collapse. The circumstance is unplanned and unexpected, and it negatively influences staff productivity, support departments, or entire organizations. It also affects service quality. An unanticipated or unplanned disruption in the supply of an IT service, or a severe deterioration in the quality of an IT service, is referred to as an incident. Incident tickets can be time-consuming, critical, and dangerous.

  1. Problem Ticket

A Problem ticket aims to handle the analysis techniques either for what occurred during a Major Incident ticket or for reoccurring incidents that appear to be related. These ticket kinds enable the formal procedure of accomplishing the Troubleshooting Process. When more than one individual reports a problem or service interruption, problem-and-incident tickets come in handy, some customized software integration can also assist the support executive in determining the priority level of an issue ticket.

  1. Change request tickets

Change request tickets are raised to request any change, modification, or replacement in services or products. The change request ticket gets notified, and it quickly realizes dozens of events. Agents at the Service Desk manages change ticket, escalate them to the next level, and then escalate changes. When the change request is resolved, the technician closes the change request ticket, and the outcome is thereby recorded. An IT service desk can assist a company or an individual with technical changes. A user might submit a change request to request a difference in a product or service. These tickets provide technical explanations of the concerned product or service that needs to be changed and the reasons for the change.

  1.     Priority tickets

There are four priority levels in any Help Desk system: Urgent, High, Medium, and Low, which are available as per software customization. A user can use them in case of urgent matters that need to be addressed on priority. It helps the executives to distinguish between incoming requests and determine what to focus on first. Your clients are unaware of the ticket’s priority level. There may be numerous consumer demands, each of which is significant from a business standpoint, but not all of them should be treated as urgent. As a result, one can adjust the priority level of the priority request tickets for all the necessary moments.

One must ensure that the IT ticketing system is adequately operated, customized, and equipped and expediting the ticketing process. Wolken Software helps an organization assist the help desk system in handling tickets more efficiently and improving the process and the service desk experience for users.

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