Have you ever visited the dentist, and they have told you that you have dental cavities? If yes, you need to know the risk factors for it. And even if you do not have dental cavities, you must know the risk factors so you can protect yourself from them.


Children are more prone to dental cavities compared to adults. It happens because they do not maintain their dental hygiene well. Parents should take care of the child’s dental hygiene and make sure that they brush well twice a day. Dental cavities, also known as dental caries, often occur due to bacterial growth. It can happen due to various factors and not maintaining the right oral hygiene.


You should visit your dentist for screening visits, at least six months apart. When you attend screening visits with the dentist, they can detect the dental cavities early. Therefore you should visit your dentist frequently. To get an expert opinion, you can seek advice from the Best Dentist in Lahore.



What Are The Risk Factors For Dental Cavities?


When you have teeth, there is always a risk of getting dental cavities. Factors that can increase the risk of dental cavities are:


Certain Food And Drinks


Consuming certain foods, such as sweet foods can increase the risk of dental cavities. When you eat candy, chocolate, chips, dry cereal, and sweetened beverages, they can increase the risk of getting dental caries. Your saliva can not wash these foods.


Moreover, bacteria can easily grow on sugar. If you sleep without brushing your teeth after eating something sugary, the risk of getting dental cavities is increased many times. The worst thing you can do for your teeth is sleep without brushing your teeth. The food particles get stuck in tiny crevices of your teeth and become a hub of bacterial growth which can lead to dental caries.



Frequent Sipping


When you frequently sip sweetened beverages and cola drinks, the risk of dental cavities is increased. Cola drinks are acidic. They can also destroy the enamel of your teeth. Moreover, the sugar can make the ground more and more fertile for the bacteria to grow. Therefore you should avoid consuming too many cola drinks. And when you do that, make sure to rinse your mouth with water.


Bedtime Infant Feeding


Many women feed their children at bedtime, and children fall asleep soon. They do not make them brush their teeth. The milk and sugar can remain on the baby’s teeth and increase the chances of getting a dental cavity. Often children drink something sweet or eat candy and go to sleep that is worse for their teeth.


As soon as your child reaches the age of two, make them learn brushing techniques. Ask them to do it twice a day. If they learn it from childhood, it will be easier for them to do it for a lifetime. Make it their habit to brush their teeth before going to bed and soon as they wake up in the morning.

Improper And Inadequate Brushing


To clean your teeth properly, one needs to follow the right brushing technique and do it at least twice a day. But when you brush your teeth improperly and inadequately, the food particles may not move, or the plaque buildup may occur. These factors can increase the chances of bacterial growth in your teeth.

The Bottom Line


To keep your teeth healthy and strong, you must make a routine of brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Make sure you do not go to bed without brushing your teeth. The worst thing you can do to your teeth is go to bed without brushing them. Moreover, also make a habit of doing mouthwash and flossing daily. Maintain good dental hygiene. Take it seriously because a dental infection can lead to various complications.

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Visit the dentist for screening visits. If you want to consult with a dentist, you can connect with an online dentist.


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