The Selvatica Jungle is a place full of beauty and adventure. It’s a magical place where you can find yourself being amazed by the magnificent sights and sounds. Your experience will be full of fun, excitement and joy that you can only find in the jungle.

In this adventure park in Cancun, we will take you through the most beautiful parts of this jungle, where you will get to know all the animals living there. We will also make sure that your experience is safe, fun and comfortable.

The Selvatica Jungle is home to many different animals: tigers, lions, leopards, monkeys, etc. These amazing creatures are not only beautiful but also very friendly towards humans. They can easily be tamed by anyone who knows how to handle them properly.

Amazing things to do in Selvatica

The adventure begins with a thrilling treetop flight, speeding right through the heart of the jungle on an unforgettable 10 zipline circuit; on your last cable you get the option of landing dry or getting wet on our AquaZip!

The jungle canopy is alive with wildlife and filled with breathtaking views, it’s one of the most exciting places you can get close to nature. As you soar above the treetops, watch out for monkeys swinging from tree to tree. You’ll also see wild orchids, butterflies and birds as you zip past them.

Mud Madness and Mexology

Mud Madness is an extreme off-road experience, combining a thrilling race with a fun game. In this extreme atmosphere, you have to make it through a variety of obstacles and challenges.

You start with the first challenge, which is called “Mexology”. This challenge will put you in the middle of a Mexican town and you have to navigate through all its streets.

The second challenge is called “Mud Madness”. It requires you to drive your 4×4 vehicle over different terrains including mudflats, sand and water. You will have to make sharp turns and maneuver over sharp rocks.

After completing these two challenges, you can continue with your adventure by jumping into your 4×4 vehicle and driving through an extreme jungle track! You will be enjoy these tours in Cancun.


The Zipline Coaster is the most intense ride in the park. You’re hurtling down a roller coaster-like track with breathtaking views of the Akumal Bay and the ocean below. You’ll experience a sharp drop at the beginning, then a fast climb up to over 60 feet above sea level. At the end of this ride, you’ll be on an airbag cushion that slowly caresses you back down to earth.

You’ll be flying through the air again when you take flight on the Zipline Skyway, which is one of two ziplines in the park. This is more like an aerial walkway than a ride—you hang onto rails and sway back and forth as you glide across Akumal Bay at speeds up to 50 mph!

You can also get wet on this ride! Just before entering the Zipline Skyway, you will crest a hill overlooking Akumal Bay and jump into a pool of water—completely optional!

Chichen Itza

Traveling with your friends is one of the best ways to experience a new place. It’s also a great way to explore new things and make memories that last a lifetime.

You can experience all the excitement and fun of adventure, but you can also take in the beauty of Mexico with our 2-Day Adventure Package! This package includes an escorted full-day tour to Chichen Itza and an overnight stay at one of our luxurious hotels.

Chichen Itza was built by the Maya civilization in the ninth century AD and is one of the most important archaeological sites in Mexico. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is located on a hilltop above Muyil Lake in Yucatán State, and it contains over 50 structures that are still standing today. Contact here for Cancun deals.

By Grace