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Kristen Schaal is like a magician with her voice! Instead of pulling rabbits out of hats, she makes funny characters come alive in movies. Moreover, it’s like she puts on a special voice costume for each character. Some of the cartoons you might have seen her in are Bob’s Burgers, where she’s the voice of Louise. Or you heard her voice in Toy Story 3, where she’s a friend of Buzz Lightyear’s! Moreover, she’s also been on shows that are kind of like bedtime stories for grown-ups, but way funnier! Furthermore, these shows might not be for you yet, but when you get older you’ll get to see her on them too! let us look at the most famous Kristen schaal movies and TV show.

Top 4 kristen schaal movies and tv shows

kristen schaal movies and tv shows: Sarah Lynn on ‘Bojack Horseman’

Bojack Horseman is like a cartoon, kind of like a movie with scary parts that you might not be quite ready for yet. Moreover, the show follows a bunch of animal friends living in a wacky Hollywood. Furthermore, here things can get a little crazy.

One of the characters is this cool horse named Sarah Lynn. But her story is more for grown-ups because it deals with grown-up problems. Moreover, even though Sarah Lynn is super famous. But, the show explores the idea that sometimes it can be hard to make true friends. When everyone around you gets interested in you because you’re famous, not because of who you are. Moreover, it is a bit of a bummer to think about, but it’s something grown-ups sometimes experience too!

kristen schaal movies and tv shows: Louise Belcher on ‘Bob’s Burgers’

Kristen Schaal is a super cool voice actress! Moreover, she can make funny sounds come out of her mouth to bring cartoon characters to life. Furthermore, one of her most famous characters is Louise from Bob’s Burgers.

Bob’s Burgers is like a silly cartoon sitcom, kind of like a funny TV show you might see on channels, but not quite. Moreover, the Belcher family runs a yummy burger restaurant downstairs from their home. Furthermore, Louise is the youngest kid. Moreover, she’s the silliest one too, always thinking up crazy plans and jokes. Additionally, Kristen Schaal helps Louise sound funny and full of mischief!

kristen schaal movies and tv shows: Mabel Pines on ‘Gravity Falls’

Gravity Falls sounds like a fun cartoon! Further, they spent their summer with their Gruncle Stan in a town called Gravity Falls. Furthermore, Gravity Falls isn’t your ordinary town though. Additionally, it’s full of mysteries and strange things!

Kristen Schaal voiced Mabel, as one of the twins. Moreover, she’s super adventurous and loves puzzles! Furthermore, the show was so popular it even won awards! Would you like to hear more about the mysteries Mabel and Dipper uncover?

kristen schaal movies and tv shows: Trixie in ‘Toy Story 3’

You know Toy Story, the movie about toys that come alive? Well, in Toy Story 3, Kristen Schaal gets to be the voice of a brand new friend for Rex, the dinosaur! Moreover, her name is Trixie and she’s a bright blue triceratops. Further, that means she’s a giant three-horned dinosaur, kind of like Rex but even cooler! Moreover, Toy Story is a super popular movie series that grown-ups and kids love together. Furthermore, Toy Story 3 was a huge hit. Additionally, it meant Trixie became one of Kristen Schaal’s most famous characters. Moreover, it’s like Kristen Schaal gave Trixie her voice. But, now everyone knows and loves this triceratops!

¬†Shannon in ‘Despicable Me 2’

You got it! Kristen Schaal is like a superstar voice actress. Moreover, she gets to be the voice of funny characters in movies that lots and lots of people love to watch. Furthermore, the movie called Despicable Me. However, it’s about this silly guy named Gru who used to be bad but wants to be good now.

In the movie, Gru tries to meet some nice people, like going on a playdate. Moreover, Kristen Schaal gets to be the voice of a lady named Shannon whom Gru meets. Further, that means Kristen Schaal gets to be part of this giant movie with other famous actors too! Moreover, it’s like getting to play a game with all your favorite friends!

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