Assam Agricultural University

The best University in Jorhat, India called Assam Agricultural University. Moreover, it is where everything is about learning about plants, and animals, and taking care of our environment! Furthermore, this school opened its doors way back in 1969. Additionally, they have special classes for kids who grow up to be farmers, veterinarians, and experts on fish, flowers, and more! Moreover, if you ever want to go to this school, you need to do well in your regular classes. Furthermore, the only exception is if you want to be an animal doctor, then you need to take a special test first! Isn’t that neat?

How to Take Admission in Assam Agricultural University

If you want to be a doctor for animals at Assam Agricultural University, you might need to take a test first. Moreover, this test is the AAU VET exam. Furthermore, this test isn’t required for most of the other classes though. Additionally, if you want to be an animal doctor, you should have good grades in English, and science. But don’t worry, if you belong to a group that needs a little extra help, they might let you in even with lower grades! But, the most important thing is that you love animals and want to learn how to take care of them!

What are the courses offered by Assam Agricultural University


Course Specializations Duration Eligibility Selection Criteria
B.Sc. Hons Agriculture 4 years 12th with 50% aggregate marks Merit in qualifying exam
Community Science
Food Nutrition & Dietetics
Fisheries Science
B.V.Sc & A.H. Veterinary Science 5 ½ years VET
M.Sc Agriculture 2 years Graduation in relevant discipline Merit in qualifying exam
Food Technology
Agricultural Biotechnology
Home Science
MBA Agricultural Business 2 years
Ph.D Agriculture 3 years Postgraduate or equivalent degree
Veterinary Science
Home Science
Fisheries Science
M.V.Sc Veterinary Science 2 years Bachelors in Veterinary science
M.F.Sc. Fisheries Science 2 years Bachelors in relevant field

Steps to Apply for Admission in assam agricultural university

You did really well in school and want to go to Assam Agricultural University! Additionally, to apply, you can visit their website. Further, there, you’ll do three things:

Sign Up

You’ll fill out some information so they know who you are.

Pay the Fee

Moreover, there’s a small fee to apply. Furthermore, you have to pay that fee at the time of submitting your application. Lastly it is also known as application fees. 

Fill Out the Application

Moreover, this is where you tell them all about yourself, like your grades and what you learned in school. Furthermore, you’ll also upload a picture, like a school picture but you can smile this time!

Lastly, once you have done all three things, hit submit and wait to hear back. Moreover, if they like your application, they might invite you to talk to them online! Furthermore, if everything goes well, you might get to go to Assam Agricultural University. Moreover, learn all sorts of cool things about plants and animals!

What is the Cut Off List of Assam Agricultural University

Moreover, the cut of list of Assam Agricultural University is mainly based on a few factors which are below:

  • Firstly, difficulty of paper
  • Secondly, number of applicants
  • Lastly, number of vaccancies

But worry not as below is the latest cut of list for this university.

Course Category
Bachelor 82.67% 71% 67%
Master 66% 56% 56% 66%
Doctoral 80% 70% 80% 70%

How to Check Assam Agricultural University

  • Firstly to check your result you have to first visit the official website of the university.
  • Secondly, you should click on the admission link which is present in the notice section.
  • Furthermore, enter your login details.
  • Finally, a new window will open.
  • Further, you will be able to see the PDF of the result.
  • Lastly, download the PDF and check your result.

What Are the Placement Training given by the institute

Firstly, Assam Agricultural University wants to help its students get the best jobs after they graduate! Moreover, they have a special group called the Training and Placement Cell, and they’re like career superheroes. Furthermore, this group helps students in a few ways:

Super Skills Training

Moreover, they teach students important things like how to talk well (communication skills). Additionally, how to be confident (personality development), and how to be a good leader.

Job Matchmaker

Moreover, they help companies come to the school to interview students for jobs. Furthermore, there is a giant career fair right at the school!

All Kinds of Job

Additionally, Students can find all sorts of cool jobs after they graduate. Furthermore, it can include like working in science labs, banks that help farmers, businesses, and even jobs taking care of animals. Moreover, learning about homes and food (fishery science, veterinary science, and home science)!

So, even though Assam Agricultural University is all about plants and animals. Finally, they also care about helping their students find the perfect job after they graduate!

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