Bede Pokemon is a supporting antagonist in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. He is the adopted son of Chairman Rose and one of the player’s rivals. In Japanese, he was voiced by Takuma Nagatsuka in all current appearances. In English, he was voiced by Brandon Winckler in Pokémon: Twilight Wings and Beau Bridgland in Pokémon Masters. Bede has a curly head of platinum blond hair and purple eyes that are heavily lashed. He wears a long magenta and violet coat, a golden wristwatch, a single thumbless glove, a Dynamax Band, white pants that are meshed along the back and pink tabi-style sneakers. His coat has the Macro Cosmos symbol and a pouch stitched on the back. After becoming Opal’s successor, his outfit changes to the pastel Galarian Fairy-type uniform. He wears an overly-baggy shirt that’s tied up in the back with a long-sleeved white turtleneck underneath, white and pink shorts with his league number on the left leg, and brightly colored high-top trainers.


Bede is extremely prideful about his ability as a skilled Pokémon Trainer and his endorsement from Chairman Rose, always wanting to prove himself to be worthy. However, he is very introverted, usually keeping to himself and has an elitist view of himself prior to being taken in by Opal. After being subjected to the harsh Fairy-type boot camp by Opal, Bede appears to have mellowed out significantly, no longer refusing to give autographs to his fans and is much more mild-mannered, although he retains some of his former bluntness and elitism. Opal’s training has also caused him to saying incredibly absurd stuff about Fairy-types in general and the color pink, which he relabeled as the “color of Bede”. He also becomes much more nicer to the player and admits that they’re better than him, although somewhat reluctantly and with the insistence that he would be the strongest Trainer were it not for them.


Wanda Ferraton


Wanda Ferraton (Bill Goldberg Wife) is a Canadian stunt double who is best known for her work on films such as “Texas Rangers” (2001) and “Ararat” (2002). She is, however, best known as the wife of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Bill Goldberg. She recently became an entrepreneur and started her own business. Despite the fact that her husband is famous, she works hard to make herself. Wanda was born in 1970 in a small town in Canada called Saskatchewan. Her exact birth date, however, is unknown. Wanda Ferraton, the daughter of Allan Ferraton and his wife Gwen, grew up on a farm in Montmartre, Saskatchewan, with her four siblings – Wanda is the second youngest in the family. However, very little about her education and childhood has been made public; she has kept everything private.


Wanda has appeared in films such as Texas Rangers, Caught in the Act, Santa’s Slay, and Ararat. Wanda began working at this company in the early 2000s. You might be surprised to learn that Wanda met Goldberg while working as a stunt performer. Wanda later left her job as a stunt actor after having children. So she decided to strike out on her own, and she now co-owns a clothing line called Hide and Chic Boutique. She is expected to have a million-dollar net worth. This is a substantial sum of money, and she has earned it entirely on her own. Aside from that, her husband is a famous wrestler with a $8 million net worth, and her husband’s net worth is also considered hers. Wanda and Bill live a luxurious life in Texas in their lovely bungalow. Wanda Ferraton is active on social media. She has both Instagram and Twitter accounts. Wanda has an immense fan following of more than 10k on her Instagram account. The stunt actor posts about her son, husband, and beautiful vacation pictures on her Instagram. Indeed, her feed is colorful and lively, a treat to watch. Apart from that, Wanda loves animals. She posts about them as well. Talking about her Twitter account she rarely posts on Twitter but has an account.

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