To ensure the safety of your bike, a bicycle lock is an important utensil.Top clean rc car you have the choice of various models. Among other things, there are swing locks, chain locks, and folding locks. The individual models have individual advantages and disadvantages.


So finding the best castle is not so easy. Take advantage of our extensive information on tests and comparisons for bicycle locks. So it is very easy to make a suitable purchase decision. Take a look at our extensive comparison table with current top products.


Buying advice: How to find the right product in our bicycle lock comparison


The most important in a nutshell


A bicycle lock allows you to safely park your bike anytime and anywhere. In general, you distinguish between a combination lock for the bike and models with a key. The best suppliers for frame locks and Co. work with special keys that can only be copied directly from the manufacturer – of course on the presentation of the proof of purchase.

A secure bicycle lock is already quite inexpensive. From about 20 euros there are solid models. However, the typical bicycle lock testers cost a good 100 euros and more. Especially cheap are the chain locks in general.

The bicycle chain lock is very popular as it offers a high level of security. The thick chains made of steel and with a plastic jacket are difficult to cut without heavy tools. At the same time, a chain lock is of course very heavy.


Just as a parking claw can help against the theft of a car, a good lock is needed for the bicycle. If you want to buy a bicycle lock, the selection is enormous. Because you get the bicycle locks in all price ranges and in very different designs. For example, there is a bicycle lock with a combination lock or a bicycle lock with an alarm. But which model is the right choice for you?


The best bike lock suits your individual circumstances. If the lock is often carried in the bag, it should be as light and compact as possible, such as a bicycle lock folding lock. If it is to be a particularly secure bicycle lock, a bicycle lock chain is worth considering. Use our purchase advice 2022 to find the right model.


The different types of bicycle locks

Bicycle locks made of fabric, bicycle locks with an alarm, bicycle locks for children: the choice is enormous. In comparison to bicycle locks, it is correspondingly time-consuming to find the optimal offer at a glance. It is helpful if you familiarize yourself with the different types of bicycle locks in advance.


In general, it is not possible to say whether a fabric bicycle lock, a folding lock, or a bicycle lock with a bracket is the right choice for rc car crushes depends entirely on your own requirements. In the following, however, the most important lock shapes and their properties are in the overview.


Bicycle lock chain


  • extremely robust and difficult to crack
  • can be used anytime and anywhere
  • a high weight


Ironing lock


  • hard to crack
  • high safety with a lower weight
  • not universally connectable


Bicycle lock folding lock


  • easy and compact to store
  • can be used almost anywhere
  • ideal for transport in your pocket


If a bicycle lock test is about cracking the tested bicycle lock, a heavy gun is often driven up. A good test indicates the individual bicycle lock security level after a test with a large bolt cutter and an electrical device. This is the only way to make the test results meaningful.

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