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The curtains are increasingly implemented in homes, offices and shops. However, many people are reluctant to install them because they think about the difficulties in keeping them clean and looking good.  Accustomed to washing curtains in the washing machine, they consider that blinds, in the long term, are not practical. But if you like the aesthetic and the environments that create, cleaning them should not become an obstacle to enjoying them. Of course, before buying and placing them you must be clear about what will be your location in the house and its subsequent maintenance and assess whether cleaning it will be feasible and practical for your lifestyle.

Next, we will analyze which blinds are the most appropriate for each room of the home and how they should be cleaned. Choose our wide selection of custom blinds from the selectblindscanada.

Rooms and rooms: roller blinds, which can be made of any type of fabric, are best suited for these areas of the house. Not only because aesthetically they admit fabrics of all kinds, matching sofas and carpets, but because they are not so exposed to humidity, smells, or stains, as a kitchen or bathroom store can be.

With the roller blinds, you have to take into account the characteristics of the fabric, but if you choose one that, in addition to beautiful and consistent with the decor of the room, you can put it in the washing machine, and you do not need ironing, you’ll be happy. The recommended, for example, every six months, is a good washing with detergent and cold water, to which you can add a cup of some asset with ammonia, but not too aggressive, to release more and better the mites, the soot of contact with the outside and that dirt that is not seen, but when it disappears leaves the tissue gleaming.

If immediately after removing it from the washing machine, shake and stretch it, insert the rods and hang it, eliminate the appearance of wrinkles and save the work of ironing. There are also resonated fabrics, which are more complicated to maintain since they cannot be put in the washing machine. Wipes and sponges with soap and water help to eliminate dust and stains, although it is necessary to be careful not to discolor the colors or leave marks or signs of cleaning.

Kitchens and bathrooms: the blinds in kitchens, especially if they are small, are a perfect solution to isolate the exterior and regulate the brightness. The disadvantage is the kitchen itself and everything that happens inside: mixtures of odors, splashes, grease, humidity, stains difficult to remove … That is why we have to install a store that is ‘suffered’ and in whose cleaning we can use more products strong, wipes and brushes if necessary. Now in the market there are many types of blinds ‘screen’ of polyester and PVC, Rolling or sliding with rods, for windows and doors. Its cleaning is very simple: a chamois with hot water will suffice for a daily or weekly maintenance.

And every semester, for example, when you do general cleaning in the kitchen, uncover them, place them on the floor and use a soft brush with soap and water to better remove the dirt, dust and grease that can accumulate. In bathrooms, the main enemy is humidity and our mission must be, in addition to cleaning them, keeping them dry to avoid the ugly dark spots of mold.

The maintenance, our best ally: certainly a good maintenance, with a weekly cleaning or a daily review in the case of kitchens, can help us a lot so that our blinds are always taken care of and with the best possible appearance. Do not wait for the stain to dry or the humidity to accumulate: a few minutes of dedication per day can save you much more cleaning time in the future.

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