Cockfighting, which is among the oldest of the spectator sports has been played since the very beginning of recorded time. In modern times the term is often used to refer to high school and college athletic teams’ names. A cockfight wpc2027 is a championship which people enjoy and many of them betting on the wpc.

A cock is the symbol of the most well-known English soccer club. Cockfighting has been the focus of numerous films and was even included in an episode on the popular TV series “Seinfeld.” Some critics of cockfighting draw attention to the violence of the sport and the treatment of the animals that are bred to fight. Cockfights typically end in the death of one of the contestants and a lot of them have spurs attached to the feet of the cock. Some critics also point out that it is common for cockfights to be linked to illegal gambling as well as that the birds generally receive illegal drugs in order to enhance their fighting skills and endurance.

In 2013, cockfighting-related arrests were taken across California, Florida, Louisiana, New Jersey and Oregon in addition to other jurisdictions. Oregon’s bust caught the attention of the nation after it was revealed that the body of a Romanian princess was among the indicted.

Federal Action

The Animal Welfare Act of 1996 (AWA) was modified in 2002 to make it a criminal offense to ship birds, display or even sponsor birds to fight. These amendments in 2002 were modified in 2007 when the president George W. Bush signed into law the Animal Fighting Prohibition Reinforcement Act (AFPRA). The law not just increased the punishment for violators of the animal fighting laws in the AWA from a misdemeanor level to an felony, but also made it unlawful for anyone to “knowingly sell, purchase or transport or deliver to foreign or interstate trade a knife, Gaff or any other instrument that is sharp that is attached, or intended to be connected to the bird’s leg to be used for a combative animal.” The Farm Bill of 2008 Farm Bill further increased penalties for animal fighting and the possession of instruments used in fighting animals up to up to three years of prison and also increased fines for AWA infractions.

In 2013 , the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act (AFSPA) was introduced in Congress. The aim of the bill is to penalize those who are knowingly taking minors to an event involving animals. The violators could face an imprisonment term of one year or those who bring the minor could be punished with an up to three years.

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