Dolly Singh

Dolly Singh, famed for her dynamic portrayal of characters. Such as “Aunty Ji” and “Pintu ki Mummy” on Instagram. She also embodies humor and authenticity in her online presence. Moreover, her journey into the digital space burgeoned from these engaging portrayals. Further, it also allows her to transcend entertainment to become an influential figure. However, beyond her comedic prowess, Dolly’s multifaceted talent extends to various platforms. Therefore, she enthralls a broad audience base. 

Who is Dolly Singh?

Dolly Singh is reportedly the popular social media content creator. She has here earned millions of fans from India and across the subcontinent. Moreover, her sense of style and acting skills are exemplary. 

Also, her story in itself is an example for all aspirants. Especially those who are in the field of media and entertainment. 

Moreover, she has also collaborated with the top-notch brands for brand endorsement. Along with advertising, sponsorship, PR, and more. 

Further, she has even interviewed imminent celebrities from diverse fields of profession. 

Dolly Singh – Wiki/ Profile 

  • Real Name – Dolly Singh 
  • Nickname – Dolly
  • Date of birth – 23 September 1993
  • Profession – Fashion Blogger, Content Creator, and Social Media Influencer
  • Famous For – Playing the character “Raju ki Mummy” on her YouTube channel. 
  • Birthplace – Nainital, Uttarakhand
  • Religion – Hindu
  • Caste – Singh 
  • Nationality – Indian
  • Net Worth – $100K
  • Income Source – Vlogging, Acting, Endorsement, YouTube, and Instagram
  • Hometown – Nainital, Uttarakhand 
  • College Name – Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi. 
  • University Name – National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi.
  • Educational Qualification(s) – Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Political Science. And Masters in Fashion Management
  • Height – 5’5” inches/ 1.57 cm/ 157cm
  • Weight – 47kg/ 104 lbs.
  • Eye Color – Black 
  • Hair Color – Dark Brown 
  • Zodiac Sign – Virgo 
  • Sexual Orientation – Straight 
  • Blood Group – B positive
  • Food Habit – Non-Vegetarian
  • Age – 27 Years Old
  • Father’s Name – Unknown 
  • Mother’s Name – Unknown 
  • Siblings – Anmol Singh (Professional Photographer).
  • Best friend – Komal Pandey and Ankush Bahuguna
  • Boyfriend – Manu Chaturvedi (Lawyer)
  • Marital Status – Unmarried
  • Hobbies – Traveling, Vlogging, Shopping, Fashion, and beauty
  • Favourite Actor – Daniel Radcliffe
  • Favourite Singer – Miley Cyrus
  • Social Media – Instagram 

Dolly Singh – Early Life 

Dolly was reportedly born in 1993, in Nainital Uttarakhand. Here, she hails from a modest beginning and faces challenges during her upbringing. 

Moreover, her parents manage a gift shop named “Apna Bazar” in Nainital. Further, she has a brother, Anmol Singh, who works as a professional photographer. 

She also pursued a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Political Science. Here she graduated from Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi. 

Further, following a gap year to prepare for a CAT exam. Here, she ranked 3rd nationwide in NIFT exams. Also, gain admission to the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi. 

Here, she has her master’s degree in Fashion Management. Moreover, during her master studies she launched “Spill the Sass”, her fashion blog. 

Here, she said picture budgets, styling tips, clothing hacks, and shopping guidance. Further, she earns recognition from her distinctive styles and humorous approach. 

Dolly Singh- Personal Life 

Dolly is reportedly currently dating Manu Chaturvedi. Here, he’s a famous legal practitioner from Delhi. He is also well-known in the country’s legal circles. 

Moreover, there’s a long story about how Dolly and Chaturvedi ended up dating. However, there have been no meaningful stories about their wedding yet. But the relationship is undoubtedly going strong. 

As per the report, she had a pretty rough childhood. Because her family’s financial condition was not very stable. 

At that time, she looked after the caretaking duties for brother. While her parents were away at work. 

Moreover, she strived for success from top situations. And is proud to tell her journey. Moreover, her brother Anmol Singh is now a professional photographer. 

Further, he has also earned popularity in this field. Now, has a short portfolio of the owned celebrities in the Bollywood industries. 

Dolly Singh – Career 

Here, Dolly Singh is a versatile professional known for her roles. As Social Media Influencer, Comedian, Actress, Fashion Influencer, YouTuber and Vlogger. 

Moreover, she initially worked as a content creator in iDiva. Here, she conceptualized the character “Raju ki mummy”. This role is here inspired by a wealthy South Delhi girl. This character further catapulted her into social media stardom. 

Also, for business inquiries, she shares her contact emails on her Instagram bio. 

Dolly Singh – Net Worth & Income 

Here, as of 2023, Dolly Singh’s net worth stands at INR 7 crores. Moreover, she has also accumulated this wealth through collaboration on Instagram. Along with her work as an actress, YouTubers, and various other endeavors. 

Dolly Singh – Social Media Handles 

Here Dolly has 1.6 million followers on Instagram. Along with 697k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Also, 2.4k on Twitter reportedly. 

Her Instagram account:

Her YouTube channel:

Her Twitter account:

Dolly Singh – Interesting Facts

  • Dolly is reportedly very popular for her role “Raja Ki Mummy”. 
  • Moreover, she runs a series initiated by a Delhi-based Infotainment Media venture. 
  • Further, she recently crossed 2 million followers on Instagram too. 
  • Moreover, her parents manage a gift shop named “Apna Bazar” in Nainital. 
  • Further, following a gap year to prepare for a CAT exam. 
  • She also ranked 3rd nationwide in NIFT exams.
  • Dolly Singh reportedly comes from a humble background. 
  • Here, she’s an internet sensation who has rocked the social media platforms. 
  • In the past, Dolly had a tough childhood. Here, she lived in a small house and could hardly afford toys.
  • Dolly Singh has also collaborated and produced videos with several Bollywood celebrities. 
Dolly Singh
Dolly Singh


Here, Dolly Singh stands tall as a beacon of inspiration. Also, transcending boundaries from her humble beginnings to becoming a sensation. Moreover, her journey of creating icon characters. And embassies have a substantial following on YouTube social media platforms. Here, her journey signifies not just a rise of stardom. But also, an embodiment of creativity and resilience. Alone with the power of staying true oneself. 


Here, we hope that all the information may satisfy your curiosity relatively. However, we can’t guarantee that all the information is 100% accurate. 

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