Austin Vanderford

MMA Welterweight competitor who made his career debut in March 2017 at ‘Prime Fighting 9’ against Sol Renato. Austin Vanderford defeated Renato through first round TKO.

Austin Vanderford: Career

Austin, who grew up in Oregon, began his wrestling profession at the age of five. Vanderford studied under the great fighter Fabiano Scherner and attained the rank of purple belt. Austin, a member of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team, is now a national champion wrestler and a two time ‘NAIA All-American’. Based on his career, he has a 10-0 record, is unbeaten, and is a member of the Bellator fighting company. Austin defeated Eric McConico in his debut amateur match in 2015. Vanderford’s first game as a pro was against E. Freitas on 19 October 2018, in which Austin defeated Freitas via first round KO. Later, he faced C in his second encounter. Jones won the match on 16th February 2019, by submission in the opening round. On 25 August 2019, Austin and J engaged in combat. Creer, who this time used a TKO to end the fight in the second round.

Austin Vanderford: Wife

American martial artist Paige VanZant competed in Invicta FC before moving on to compete in the ‘Ultimate Fighting Championship’s flyweight category’. Since Paige prevailed in her first amateur contest at the age of 18, she has been engaged in professional combat. Paige acquired a contract with the ‘Ultimate Fighting Championship’ (UFC) at the age of 19, competing for four years in the strawweight division before recently switching to the flyweight division. Vanzant was a tough girl who survived bullying when she was a teen and later trained in martial arts and obtained a blue belt in jiu jitsu. Paige is renowned for using forceful grappling techniques to finish off opponents.

Yasutora Sado

Chad, also known as Yasutora Sado, is a Human that resides in Karakura Town. Yasutora competes in televised fights as a professional boxer. Sado attended Karakura High School with Ichigo Kurosaki as a classmate.


Yasutora Sado: Backstory

Sado was born in Japan, but his parents transported him to Mexico when he was a little child. Yasutora was fostered at a young age by a guy named Osa, who Sado calls Abuelo, who was thought to be his grandpa after they both passed away. Sado was a very violent boy in his early years; he used his bulk to intimidate and attack any other kids who bothered him. Oscar Joaqun attempted to educate Sado how to be kind, but his efforts were initially unsuccessful. One day, Sado was attacked by the fathers of the kids he had battled over. Oscar Joaqun moved in between them and accepted Sado’s punishment without reacting back. This example encouraged Sado to develop into a good person.

Yasutora Sado: Ability

Yasutora Sado developed into a spiritually awakened person known as a Fullbringer, who had the ability to control the soul that lived inside of matter. The activation of Yasutora’s most recent Fullbringer abilities was all that occurred; first, it was thought that exposure to Ichigo’s spiritual form had drawn Yasutora’s inherent spiritual abilities from the abyss of his soul. However, this was later shown to be inaccurate. Yasutora could not clearly see the ghosts and hollows at first, but he began to sense their general places. Chad came to defend Karin from a Hollow during a battle between Ury and Ichigo, at which point he was able to clearly perceive spirits.

By Grace