Sex is not a solitary experience. Your experiences, your emotions, your mood, how your day went, everything plays a role in your sex life.


Couples who live together also have other factors that lead to conflict, which in turn has an impact on your intimate life.


All these experiences then culminate to contribute towards your sex life, rather, lack thereof.


Since having sex is important to have a healthy relationship and life, therefore, it is vital that you get to the bottom of the dry spell. You may also then be required to seek help from an expert like a sexologist in Karachi.


Factors that affect your sex life

Realizing the factors that are affecting your sex life are important for to mitigate the issue of lack of intimacy. It may otherwise cause more problems for your relationship, as things become more tangled up.


Some common culprits that are gravely impacting your sex life include:


Lack of emotional connection

While sex is about physical intimacy, it is not devoid of emotional intimacy. If you are unable to connect to your partner, your sex life is also bound to suffer. So, if you are undergoing lack of active sex life, you also need to then pay attention to your intimate life otherwise as well.


Try to connect with your partner. Talk to them about your day. Try to do activities together. Have an honest conversation with your partner about fixing the relationship. When you connect on an emotional level, the impact thereof will also improve your sex life as well.



While naturally, it’s not always possible to be in the mood to want to have sex, but you also need to be nice about rejecting the advances. If you impolitely turn down your partner, it may hurt them, and they might not make further sexual advances, leading to a dry spell.


So, try to wrack your memory. Did you turn away your partner harshly, especially at more than one instance? Then perhaps therein lies your reason for the lack of sexual intimacy.


Relationship issues

A strained relationship can also be the reason why neither you nor your partner is into sex. The strain doesn’t always have to be around a fight; sometimes it can be due to behaviors, misunderstandings, lack of affection as well.


So, perhaps you need to understand where your relationship stands and gauge your sex life accordingly.



Adulting is hard. There are so many obstacles that one has to go through to survive. Work, household chores, social obligations, family drama; there are far too many outlets that are drawing your energy and causing stress in your life.


This stress then manifests in unhealthy forms, including binge eating, mood problems, anxiety, hypersensitive mood that causes conflicts and fights, and lack of intimacy.


Furthermore, your marriage can also be a cause for stress. Your partner might not be understanding of your problems, there might be a lack of empathy, their behavior might be irksome. This sort of stress that resolves around your partner has greater propensity towards negatively affecting your stress life. Naturally, you don’t want to get intimate with the person who is also the source of your stress.


Performance issues

Sex life is also bound to go MIA when either one of you is undergoing performance issues. In some cases, they stem from poor body image; you might not be comfortable about being naked with your partner because you don’t like your body. You might not consider yourself attractive enough. These problems can then make you avoid sex altogether.


Similarly, you might be concerned about giving your partner enough pleasure. In men, performance anxiety can also lead to erectile dysfunction.


To mitigate this problem, have an honest conversation with your partner, alongside seeking help from the best sexologist in Rawalpindi so you can both work on resolving it.


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