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Eyeshadow boxes can help your eye-shadow product to penetrate any saturated industry or market including industries like cosmetics. More and more women are lean-to different cosmetic items and have brought unlimited suppliers into the market. This ever-growing industry is still watching its boom and is unable to meet the demand.

With exceptional printing techniques and a long list of eyeshadow box customization, now you can get noticed quickly. By choosing the accurate visuals for your eye-shadow boxes and with your brand logo. Premium packaging offered by icustomboxes can generate more traction from the audience.

Why does your brand of eye shadows need the EyeShadow Boxes?

Eye-shadow colors with prominent and alluring custom eyeshadow boxes are a must when you think about operating in the glamorous cosmetics industry. The Customization of shadow boxes is the ideal solution for your variations in options daily.

Customer choices vary as well as the different products offered by cosmetic stores. It is difficult to manage all the needs of different demands and offers through standard eye-shadow boxes.

Attractive eye-shadow boxes can be converted into any shape or design with custom printed artwork or logo. These boxes are then used for marketing and promotion and create space for your brand of eye shadows in the saturated market.

Custom printed eyeshadow boxes with the right target market and the right message to convey can earn you huge sales. You can trial and test different options before the final packaging design for your brand.

Advance printing techniques and cheap options are available by using that this whole process can be finished cheaply.

Premium quality artwork and graphics through advanced printing ideas:

Glamorous cosmetic items like eye shadows need eyeshadow boxes that are equally attractive. With immersive graphics and the right color combination. Quality structure with relevant graphics and advanced printing techniques with printed logo are those features that all customers want to see in packaging.

Using the following printing techniques, now you can also achieve the same state-of-the-art packaging experience for your brand;

• Offset Printing

• Digital Printing

All these features together can enhance your sales as well as make your brand prominent among your competitors.

What Personalized styles of eye-shadow boxes are on offer?

Eyeshadows come in different colors and manufacturers offer their products in different shades and palettes. Moreover, If you want to pack a single-color palette you can reduce the size of eye-shadow boxes.

The packaging material used for these boxes is cardboard containing particles of natural material.

Cosmetics boxes you often found in the market will be one of the following shapes;

• Sleeve and Tray Boxes

• Tuck top Roll end boxes

Tuck End Cover

• Seal End

Hexagonal Boxes

Think Long-term opportunities for selecting the eye-shadow box wholesale supplier

Eyeshadow boxes have many short-term benefits and long-term benefits as well. The cosmetics industry identify more glamorous than any other industry around. Not only the products themselves but how you present them matters most.

Your product may not grab the attention of your target audience if the packaging is not appealing.

Are you planning to give a less attractive presentation to your eye-shadow palette by using cheap eye-shadow boxes? think again…

With the icustomboxes wholesale offer, now you can order your desired quantity of eye-shadow boxes at a low cost. Eye-shadow boxes are made with high-class cardboard material while you can request any customization as per your brand.

What do icustomboxes offer?

We take pride in what we offer and how we deliver our services to our clients. Furthermore, We have a history of reputation with us. We can make your eyeshadow boxes in any shapes, colors, designs, or prints as per your desire.

Besides the above-mentioned features, our customers like us for the following reasons. They do remember us while planning for new orders;

Always deliver on time:

With our robust and automated system and process, we always ensure accurate deadlines. We have a good reputation when comes to delivery on time.

Free reach to your desired locations:  icustomboxes offers free shipping services to any destination to our prestigious customers based on your ordering quantity and distance.

We prefer natural materials:

As a leading and prominent packaging supplier, we always understand our responsibility towards the environment. Moreover, To ensure the protection and well-being of the earth, we use packaging that has natural materials like cardboard, or kraft.

Discuss and Resolve:

We spend a lot on the training of our 24/7 customer care staff who are available for online discussion with you to resolve your queries.

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