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Titan is one of the most popular, professional, and growing email suites for professionals and businesses. It is known for its great, neat, professional, and amazing emails. In Titan emails, it is very easy to read the notification from the sender and find relevant information about various emails.

Similarly, Automattic Inc. is a company which is famous for its notable software wordpress.com. As we all know, WordPress is a very popular platform that companies and businesses person usually use for showing our company information.

Moreover, the main aim or motive of Automattic is to improve the e-mail facilities and make a standard quality website. To fulfill this purpose, Automattic provides various internet services such as web hosting, e-commerce, security and backups, and other services to its customers on easy terms. as per titan smbs series 300mraibloomberg

Titan announced that it had received an investment amount of $30 million from Automattic Inc. to grow its product line of professional email services for small and medium businesses. According to the series A financing, Titan is currently worth $300 million.

The fact is that most of the global population uses email, but still, there are few or no innovations that have taken place in this field. Matt Mullenweg, founder, and CEO of Automattic, also focuses on the need to develop email for small and medium businesses. according to him, approximately 6 billion accounts in the whole world. but In that, only a small percentage are small business email accounts exist.”

“These small business email accounts are always neglected due to the presence of an infinite number of large and successful business email accounts, and in my opinion, they need a product that focuses on their needs,” he said.

Titan is a developing, well-established, and featured company that offers products such as timed email, follow-up reminders, email templates, and many more. In addition to that, other features offered by Titan are: 

  1. It always tries to bring business and its customers closer in the most professional way. 
  2. It offers a scheduled send option that enables the user to set a time or schedule a time at which the email should be delivered to the ultimate user. 
  3. It also has wonderful and amazing auto-send options to follow up and remind.
  4. Last but not least, it also offers pre-designed email templates to its users. It enables the user to select a suitable template and not waste time creating a draft from scratch. 

Apart from this, the founder and chief executive officer of Titan, Bhavin Turakhia, also thinks that “Although emails got a significant boost when Gmail was introduced, there is a need to reconsider and re-innovate email for thousands or hundreds of business accounts.” Now, these two companies are working together, or we can say in collaboration, to improve email and other internet-based services. 

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