Do you want to know how to increase the number of followers on Instagram? First step: use keywords that appear in search results making it easy for people who are new to locate you. For a brand, starting new with Instagram can be a challenge. First thing you’ll need to take care of is to find more Instagram users fast.

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But how do we get there?

The days of quick fixes like the purchase of followers or making use of bots are long gone. These techniques can boost your Instagram followers for a short period however they will not make you any better off in the long run.

The reason is that the only useful Instagram followers are people who are interested in and interact in your business. An inaccurate count of followers could increase your self-esteem however it will not improve your strategy on Instagram.

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How do you increase your Instagram followers at no cost?

Think about your Instagram marketing strategy


To make use of any social network efficiently, you must have a well-defined strategy. Gaining more Instagram followers is an excellent aim to start with. But it’s not enough to give you the chance to have a profitable account on Instagram. It is essential to make gaining followers’ part of a bigger plan which is connected to your business strategy and goals in social marketing.

Consider the reasons you’d like to gain more Instagram followers. What are you truly hoping to achieve? Perhaps you’d like to:

  • boost brand recognition
  • boost product sales
  • Bring traffic to your site.

Focusing on these business-oriented objectives will ensure that you to keep your Instagram account on the same track. It helps you create an appealing story about your brand that entices new followers and also helps to build (and keep) you’re following.

2. Define your target audience

Have a look at your own questions regarding whom you’re trying to connect with:

  • What is their age?
  • Where do they reside?
  • What are they doing on a daily basis?
  • What are the best times to make use of Instagram?
  • What are their main pain points and obstacles?

The answers to these questions will assist you in crafting the perfect type of Instagram content that will reach those who are on Instagram that are likely to follow you. It also helps keep your attention on the requirements of your intended group of followers to ensure that you always provide content that inspires them to stay following you for the long run.

3. Establish a consistent brand narrative and a consistent aesthetic

Perhaps you’d like to satisfy desire by demonstrating the process of making your product. Perhaps you can share the viewpoint of your employees to make your brand more human. If you’re looking to present your brand in an inspirational manner, consider showing the life or accomplishments of your clients.

Whatever goal you’re trying to accomplish, it’s essential to ensure that your brand has a consistent appearance and personality.

It is important that your posts are easy to recognize when you look at them. Consider the Instagram grid as a cohesive unit. You are able to make use of Instagram Stories to share content that doesn’t fit to the design and style of the main feed.

Even if your products don’t all look the same, you can use consistent styling to give your grid a consistent look and feel, like @themillerswifecustomcookies does:

4. Utilize keywords to be included in your searches

Before anyone are able to follow your account on Instagram it is necessary for them to locate your profile. A small portion of the content on Instagram can be searched. In fact, there are there are only two areas on Instagram can be found in the search results: name and username.

It’s your username. Instagram handle. It’s best to keep it in line with the handle you’re using on other social media platforms because this will make it easier for users to locate your profile. Make use of your brand’s name or a variant to your brand name which people will likely search for when they are looking for your company.

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5. Use relevant hashtags to connect with new users.

We’ve just told you that the text in your Instagram posts isn’t searchable. But hashtags do appear in Instagram search. This means making use of hashtags in a thoughtful manner could be a great way to increase the number of followers on Instagram without cost.

The inclusion of relevant hashtags can aid users to discover your content following searching, or by selecting a hashtag in another post that is relevant to it. People who use Instagram may also be followers of hashtags, meaning that your hash tagged content might be displayed in feeds of users who haven’t yet joined your account.

You can use 30 hashtags within your Instagram post; however, hashtags are usually more effective due to their quality, not quantity. You can do some testing to determine which hashtags will work best for your specific account.

Beware of hashtags that use gimmicks like #likeforlike, #tagsforlikes or #follow me. These could bring you a short-term increase in followers. However, they’re likely to be bots or users who are only looking to be followed by others. It’s not going to create a genuine active, engaged community on Instagram.

Instead, concentrate on using hashtags that are highly targeted specific to your photograph business, product, or even your photo as fashionista Dee Camping uses in this #who photo.

6. Make sure you optimize Your Instagram Profile and bio

Two-thirds of Instagram business profiles are visited by non-followers. These new users are all likely to become new free Instagram followers, but only the bio and your profile make them click the Follow button. They’re unlikely to do that in the event that you have a profile that is unclear unfinished or boring.

Alongside the username and name fields the profile contains the URL to your site (a clicking link) as well as your bio.

Make use from the 140 characters that are in your bio, to express your brand’s personality and tell the new customers the reasons to follow you. Which kind of information should they anticipate?

The bio on @abstractaerialart outlines the goal and the promise of the account in a simple, straightforward manner:

If you’ve got an account that is professional (business or creator) you are able to include additional information in your profile, such as your contacts, your business, as well as the address. Use all fields relevant to your company to provide prospective customers all the details they require to make a decision on which path to take.

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7. Make a beautiful Instagram grid

It might sound like a simple thing to talk about however it’s actually a crucial aspect when you’re thinking about ways to gain people to follow you on Instagram. Every post you post to the feed on Instagram should be top-quality and visually captivating.

If a user is new to your page, your content should inspire them to learn more. This desire to know more motivates new visitors to click Follow.

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